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Abstract Submission Guidelines

Please go through the guidelines below before submitting your entries.

Rules and regulations

  1. Only one platform presentation will be allowed per presenter

  2. The abstract should be submitted through the website, and a copy should be sent as an attachment to

  3. The abstract should be formatted under the following subheading: Objective, Methods, results and conclusion, at most 250 words.

  4. The presenter must be registered before the last date of acceptance.

  5. The last date for submission of Abstracts has been extended to Jan 12th.

  6. The selection of the Award paper/ Full free paper (7 minutes)/flash presentation (3 minutes)/poster will be the decision of the peer review committee based on a point system. The presenter is allowed to indicate their preference.

  7. Last Date for Poster Abstract Submission has been extended to 25th Jan, 2023.

Rules for award paper

  1. The presenter must be a resident attached to an institution, and it should be an original work not published or presented elsewhere.

  2. The presenter should provide a bonafide certificate of their affiliation at submission as an attachment.

  3. The presenter should submit compulsorily the full paper before January 25 for a full appraisal.

  4. Credit will be given to originality, methods, message, and presentation.

  5. The award-winning paper will automatically be published in the journal of pediatric neuroscience under the title IndSPNCON resident award paper.

  6. The details of the publication will be intimated later.

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